Official description: “A picturesque fragrance of radiant sunshine and wistful floral notes”

My opinion: Sunshine in a Jar!

“Sunflower” is a fabulous candle. This is a very unique and subtle  scent, floral (but not overly), strangely warm and fresh at the same time. It is like Yankee Candle has catched summer in a jar, filling your home and your mind everytime you light it up. This candle is a real antidepressant: It will make you smile and  lighten your spirits, even during the coldest, darkest winter time. It’s like getting a bouquet, but only better!
This scent is light not too overpowering, but has a fine throw, which makes the entire house smells clean and welcoming. I must also add that I albsolutely love this jar’s packaging. The label is beautiful, and its deep yellow color brightens up any place!

In other words, “Sunflower” is a sunny, pure, and happy fragrance. The smell of sunshine.

For whom?
→This fragrance will please everybody!
→ Also great as a gift

→ All year long
→ During these long winter days, when you are longing for the sun
→ Whenever you feel down

Any room. This fragrance travels through the house very quickly.

Grade: 5/5

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