Black Cherry


Official description: “The absolutely delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries”

My opinion: Deep and delicious!

This candle smells absolutely gorgeous, that you wish you could just eat it!
Black cherry is a fruity scent, of juicy, natural and luxurious cherries, not overly sweet and somehow refreshing. This is the true smell of cherries, right there in your home. It is strong but not overpowering, and will make your home smells just amazing for a long time. To my opinion, this delightful fragrance is perfect during anytime of the year. Plus, when purchased in the jar version, its dark red color and yummy label will enhance your interior.

For whom? Absolutely everyone!

→ To eliminate cooking smells (and animal smells)
→ During a relaxing, cocooning evening at home
→ After a stressful day at work
→ When having guests over

Perfect for the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom

Grade: 5/5


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