Ginger Dusk


Official description: “The brisk feeling of twilight air comes to life with the energy of sharp, bracing spice and a hint of sweet citrus”

My opinion: Racy & powerful!

Ginger dusk is a robust, warm, energetic scent. This fragrance is very distinctive. Either you love it, either you hate it. I am sorry to admit that for me, it was the latter one. So, I would strongly recommend to anyone to purchase it first as a wax tart or a sampler, before to invest in a jar of any size.
You can definitly smell the ginger, with undernotes of citrus. This candle has an incredibly strong throw, and fills the room within minutes. If you love sharp, strong, full-bodied scents, this is a right fragrance  for you.

If like for me, this candle is too overpowering for you, still, do not throw it away! I have  a good alternative, if you purchased it in a wax tart form: Mix it! Ginger dusk will match and blend very nicely with softer scents, such as for example Fluffy towels or Warm blanket, or with sweeter scents, such as Vanilla lime or Cramberry pear.

For whom? Bold, tenacious fragrances lovers!

→ When having your morning tea/coffee
→ After cooking
→ Whenever you need a kick!

Kitchen and living room (avoid smaller rooms)

Grade: 1/5

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