Garden Sweet Pea


Official description: “The sweet perfume of delicate blooms accented with hints of pear, peach, freesia and rosewood”

My opinion: Sweet pea in all its glory!

Garden sweet pea is a floral-sweet fresh scent, well balanced, not too overly floral with very noticable fruity, and even a little bit musky undernotes. Fresh sweet peas is a smell that you cannot possibly go wrong with, and that will delight everyone. This fragrance is delicate but strong, with an amazing throw, which can fill even a large room.

To make you imagin how this candle smells like, close your eyes and imagin a garden on a summer day, warm but strangely refreshing, just like after the rain. This candle makes me think of a lovely little cottage in the countryside with a charming  english garden, filled with with flowers growing wildly.

I would not consider Garden sweet pea to be such an innovative fragrance, but more like a classic, a safe bet that you can always come back to with great pleasure.

For whom?  Those who prefer classic fragrances, cheerful and well balanced, without being too adventurous.

→ When you are longing for the spring to finally arrive
→ When you don’t know which candle to choose

Where? This fragrance is suitable for any room of your home.

Grade: 4/5


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