Bay Leaf Wreath


Official description: “Such a refreshing way to welcome the season . . . an aromatic blend of bay leaves, orange, and cedar wood”

My opinion: Pure & Aromatic!

I am glad to introduce you this fragrance, which is one of my YC all time favorites, but that somehow did not became popular at all. It was released in 2014 and I barely heared people talking about it. I do not know to what it is due. Maybe the color and the name is not too appealing? But trust me, it is really worth the try. This fragrance has became very rare to find on any website, so I guess it might has been discontinued, to my great displeasure…

Bay leaf wreath is a clean and masculine fragrance. It reminds me of men’s shower gel/deodorant, or of a very traditional soap. It is howerever very sophisticated and vigorous. You can definitly smell the fresh bay leaves, and the woody and orange undernotes gives it a deep substance and makes it such a special scent.

This candle has a nice throw without being too overpowering. This is definitly an outdoor scent, like a breath of fresh air into your home. It feels like walking through an herbs garden. Perfect for any time of the year!

To my opinion, Bay leaf wreath is one of Yankee Candle  nicest fresh scents. A real treasure!

For whom?
I highly recommend this fragrance to:
→ All “fresh” fragrances fans
→ To anyone looking for an unique and unisex scent

→ When having guests over for diner
→ To get rid of cooking smells
→ When it’s too cold to open the windows
→ In my case? Anytime!

→ Perfect for the kitchen, dining room & living room

Grade: 5/5



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