Vanilla Cupcake


Official description: “The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing”

My opinion: Truly irresistible!

This delicious fragrance will make your mouth water! Vanilla cupcake is a perfect blend of soothing and subtle vanilla, with creamy, rich, cake and buttery tones. Both vanilla and cupcake notes are in perfect balance, and do not overpower each other.

This is a divine light fragrance with a good throw, which will make your home smell stunning. Yankee Candle has captured in this fragrance the real scent of fresh vanilla cake coming right out from the oven. Light it on, and it will smell like you really were baking cupcakes. Amazing!
Vanilla cupcake is an absolutely delicious scent, that will give you a comforting feeling, bring back childhood memories, and it creates  a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This istruly a happy fragrance!

This candle smells so tasty that you wish you could just eat it. Beware if you are on a diet! Vanilla cupcake is a yummy scent that will keep you wanting more and more. It is a very loved fragrance, a real Yankee must-have!

For whom?
→ Vanilla lovers
→ If you want to try the “food” type of fragrances, but you are not sure where to start
→ Those who enjoy sweeter scents
→ Nice birthday gift material!

→ To cheer someone up
→ During a lazzy day at home
→ To eliminate odors
→ For a celebration

→ In the kitchen / living room
→ At the dinner table

Grade: 5/5

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