Molly’s Garden (by Bog Standard)


Official description:Memories of Molly’s Summer Cottage Garden. A lush, green tea rose fragrance lifted by hints of geranium, dewy stems and regal iris”

My opinion: Cheerful & Nostalgic!

Molly’s Garden is such a happy fragrance. This is a sunny & fresh rose scent, with floral undernotes, of daisy and dandelion, amongst others. This candle reminds me of a countryside garden by a fresh sunny morning, a calm place where the aroma of flowers in bloom and herbs are filling the air.

This candle has a really good throw, and will fill nicely a larger size room. I love burning it while having tea & breakfast, of whenever the weather is gloomy outside. This bright and pure fragrance will not let you down!

This candle reminds me of:
→ Fresh cut roses (YC)
→ Sunflower (YC)
→ Loves me loves me not (YC)
→ A child’s wish (YC)

Grade: 5/5

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