Wild Sea Grass


Official description: “Kissed by the ocean breeze, the green scent of dewy sea grass atop the sand dunes”

My opinion: Like a walk on the beach…

From my point of view, this fragrance is mysterious,  it is hard to describe how it really smells like, and it somehow makes it appealing. Wild Sea Grass is a clean, salty, beachy scent. It is light and refreshing, but surprisingly strong too.  It smells like subtle grass with  very green and aromatic notes, with a hint of floral, on a perfumy musky base.

This candle will take you to the seaside. Not on an exotic beach but more like the Atlantic coast of western Europe. It is like an early morning at the beach, walking in the sand, feeling the fresh air and salt water in the wind. This is a pleasant nostalgic fragrance that will give you a comforting feeling. It is perfect for the summer, but also to escape the routine during the winter.

I noticed that this fragrance gets many positive comments but also a lot of negative feedback. I guess this is the kind of smell that either you just really like or hate. To my opinion, it is an agreable blend, but pretty neutral.

For whom? For those who love natural,outdoors scents

→  Suitable for year-round use
→ To freshen your home

→ Perfect for the bathroom!
→ Avoid smaller rooms, it can be a bit overpowering

Grade: 2/5



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