A Child’s Wish


Official description: “A warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields captures the sweet innocence of childhood days playing in the backyard”

My opinion: Childhood’s joy and innocence

A Child’s Wish is a fresh, subtle, slightly floral fragrance. It smells like flowers, fresh  fields, and freshly mowed grass. It is a delightful scent that will make your room smell like a spring garden afer rain. It reminds me of those first summer holidays days when I could just ride my bike in the fresh sunny morning, not having to worry anymore about school.

Hoewer, I must say that i was a bit disapointed by this candle. Indeed, the name, the color and label is beautiful, and even if it’s still a nice and pleasant smell, the throw is just really too weak, making this fragrance very forgettable.  I am sure if YC would make it a little bit stronger (like on cold smell), it could become a really popular one!

For whom? I recommend this candle only if you cannot stand strong smells and if you have allergies to perfumes.

→ Spring / summer
→ When you have a headache and don’t want to burn something too strong
→ You want to refresh your bedroom without opening the window

→  Bedroom
→ Small rooms

Grade: 2/5

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