Egyptian Musk


Official description: “A prized treasure… A captivating musk with hints of vanilla bean and cedarwood”

My opinion: My absolute favorite!

Being a musk-lover, I had very high expectations for this candle. If it was true to its name, I was sure to love it, so I took my chances and bought it directly as a big jar, which I usually never do. And I was not disapointed… I just adore it!

It is hard to find words to describe how much I love this smell. It is divine! Like the description says, it is indeed a treasure. This fragrance is pretty straight forward: It smells like pure gorgeous white musk, exactly like the perfume White Musk from The Body Shop. Period.

Egyptian Musk is a elegant unisex scent that will please equaly men and women, and is suitable for any room of the house. It has a very good throw, without being too over powering. Let this deep and luxurious perfume fill your home of its oriental, warm atmosphere. It is very similar to another Yankee Candle fragrance: Season of Peace.

For whom?
→ Musk lovers!
→ For those looking for an aromatic unisex scent
→ If you like Season of Peace (Yankee Candle)
→ If you want a  fragrance suitable for anywhere and anytime!

→ Anytime

→ Anywhere

Grade: 5/5

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