Sugared Apple


Official description: “A deliciously sweet apple treat… a perfect recipe of juicy apples sprinkled with sugar and vanilla”

My opinion: The sweet perfection!

Sugared Apple is a festive and delicious fragrance that will lighten up your winter.  True to its description, it smells of yummy warm apples, with a sweet sugary vanilla dusting.

This is a lovely  smell for the cold months, perfect for the Holidays without being to “christmassy”. It is soft, the apples being in perfect balance with the sugary sweetness. It is sweet like if you were baking, but very subtle, crisp and clean. It has an excellent throw, a simple tart melting and the smells travels through the whole house, without being over-bearing. The strong sweet vanilla aroma reminds me of Vanilla Cupcake (YC), and its powdery peaceful notes reminds me of Angel’s wings (YC). A real winner!

I recommend this candle to everyone, even if you are not a sweet fragrance type of person. This heavenly scent will make your home smell like a cozy, inviting place.

For whom?
→ Those who are looking for a candle for the Holidays, without being too festive
→ “Yummy candles” lovers

→ Entertaining guests
→ During chilly winter mornings
→ To relax
→ To eliminate odors

Kitchen, living room, bathroom

Grade: 5/5

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