November Rain


Official description: “A quiet interlude of the season is reflected in this airy, refreshing mix of watery leaf notes, warm amber and crisp, brisk air”

My opinion: An amazing & refreshing fragrance!

I love everything about November Rain. It is exactly what I expected after reading the name. It is a wonderful autumn/spring scent,  strong and delicate at the same time, but is also perfumy, cozy, and somehow clean and masculine, a little bit like men’s classic cologne. You can detect warm woody, musky and amber undertones, giving body and depth to this beautiful blend.

This candle makes me think of a moody, wet and somehow romantic misty autumn weather. This is a fresh outdoor fragrance, so inviting and relaxing. It also reminds me  of a clean home and of fresh laundry. It is such a comforting smell that will make you want to cuddle up with a cup of hot tea and stay warm inside. November Rain is definitly one fragrance to put on my favorites’list. It reminds me a lot of Midsummer’s Night, but more subtle and with a lighter throw.

For whom?
→ For the fans of Midsummer’s Night, Evening Air & Kilimanjaro Stars (YC)
→ If you prefer nor flowery nor sweet scents

→ I love burning this candle when i’m about to take a nap or having a lazzy afternoon
→ Good for a fall rainy day / evening
→ To my opinion, this candle if perfect for year-round use!
→ To give a fresh kick to your home

Where? Bathroom, living room, bedroom

Grade: 5/5

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