Fireside Treats


Official description: “The joys of camp … mesmerized by the fire, singing and laughing, while toasting marshmallows to rich, gooey perfection!”

My opinion: Tasty & Smokey!

Fireside Treats has become a very popular Yankee fragrance lately. The sweetness of the toasting marshmallows and smokey hint of fire are in perfect balance, and is not sickening at all. It is such an agreable, comforting and powdery scent, with undernotes of vanilla, caramel and popcorn. This is a  luscious sweet fragrance, that will make your cold and wintery evenings comfy.

However, this candle has a rather weak throw, and I have noticed that many people have been complaining about it (especially for the jars). At least, in my experience with the tart, I would say it has a medium throw. The smell is light and subtle, but it is still present.

For whom? I recommend this candle only if you like sweet / food scents!

→ For a cozy movie night
→ When having a bubble bath
→ Autumn/winter

Kitchen, bathroom, living room

Grade: 4/5

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