Wild Pansies


Official description: “It’s always spring with this lush scent of brilliantly hued flowers”

My opinion: A floral to rule them all!

Floral scented candles have the reputation to smell fake and cheap, and unfortunately, i  very often hear people saying how it’s their least favorite fragrance family. Well, all I can say is forget all the prejudices you have about florals. This candle is absolutely amazing!

Wild Pansies is fully floral fragrance, fragrant, natural, fresh and powerful. You can detect lilac notes very green undertones. I love everything about this candle, its color, the label is perfect, and it smells divine, like fresh pansies in the spring. So relaxing and romantic!

This is my absolute all-time favorite floral Yankee. Its perfume is really addictive and it triggers so many emotions and memories from my childhood.

For whom?
→ To convert the “Floral sceptics”
→ If you are looking for a strong and fresh floral fragrance to brighten your day

→ To my opinion, ANYTIME!

Living room, bathroom, bedroom

Grade: 5/5

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