Wild Fig


Official description: “A luxurious indulgence … the lusciously rich, fruity aroma of wild figs carefully picked at the peak of perfection”

My opinion: A strong and deep fruity scent

Wild Fig is an amazingly rich fragrance that will for sure delight the fruity candle lovers,but not only!

This is much more than a common fruit scent. It is indeed very sunny and yummy, but has also a very deep and dark side. This scent is incredibly juicy and sweet, and the aroma of the figs is so warm and intoxicating, that this candle will be perfect also for autumn/winter time.

Please note that this fragrance is very strong, so burning half a tart at a time is more than enough, and is better to avoid being used in  small rooms. This candle is perfect for eliminating quickly and efficiently any smells (cooking, smoke, pets…).

For whom?
→ Fruity candles fans
→ Those looking for a strong fragrance

→ Perfect for everyday use
→ Odor eliminating

Where? Living room, kitchen

Grade: 4/5

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