Fluffy Towels


Official Description: “The fresh scent of clean towels warm from the dryer with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily”

My opinion: A lovely clean and fresh fragrance!

Fluffy Towels is such a fresh and powerful fragrance! It smells exactly as you would expect it to: A laundry-type scent, like towels straight from the dryer, warm and pure. This is such a comforting and familiar smell of fabric conditionner with perfumy undertones, soft, light and airy, that will make your home such an inviting, cozy place. I find this fragrance amazing and very elegant, it feels like you are in a fancy hotel room with clean sheets and fresh flowers. This candle have a very good throw that drifts through the whole house. It is like it is screaming “Welcome home!”

To my opinion, Fluffy Towels is a real fresh fragrance winner, that will please men and women equaly. It litteraly blew my mind and now became one of my favorite in this fragrance family. I will not hesitate to buy a jar for myself or as a present to someone.

For whom?
→ Looking for the perfect “clean” fragrance?
→ If you like  Clean Cotton, Soft Blanket and Baby Powder
→ Great gift material!

→ Anytime and any mood
→ When having people over
→ After cleaning your place
→ When you are stressed/tired
→ Whenever you feel down or lonely

Where? Bathroom, Bedroom, Living room

Grade: 5/5


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