Tahitian Tiaré Flower


Official description: “Reminiscent of sweet gardenias . . . love blooms in the hypnotic fragrance of this snowy white flower”

My opinion: A big disappointment

Unfortunately, I was really disapointed by this candle. I had really high expectations, as I absolutely love the smell of tiaré. I could not smell anything, even when putting my nose like 2cm to the flame, and the little perfume that I could smell, was good indeed, but just did not match the legendary and so unique scent that i love. However, this review concerns the jar version only, and if i ever see this fragrance in a tart version, i will give it a try for sure!

For whom? When? Where?
I just cannot recommend this candle to anyone, except if you are looking for a pretty looking non-scented jar. However, if you find the tart version, i think it could be worth to try!

Grade: 1/5

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