Cozy by the Fire


Official description: “A warm mix of ginger, clove, and orange combines with woody notes to give the snap of a crackling fire and the comfort of a hot aromatic drink beside it”

My opinion: Fire and Spices

Cozy by the Fire is a candle totally true to its name! An unique blend that really smells like mulled wine, spices and clover, with smokey and woody undertones. This is an incredibly warm fragrance that will give you the impression to be sitting next to a warm fire, and makes it the absolutely perfect candle for chilly winter nights.

At first when i tried it on cold sniff, my first reaction was “oh, this smells terrible!”, but somehow, I just couldn’t stop smelling it, it was strangely addictive. To my opinion, Cozy by the fire is a very  unusual and interesting fragrance that you will learn to love. I probably will not purchase this fragrance in jar version, as i think i could easily get bored and sickened of it, but for sure I will always try to have a tart/votive available in my stock.

For whom?
→ If you want a festive candle that isn’t sweet
→ If you are looking for a warm unisex autumn/winter fragrance
→ If you like strong bold fragrances

→ For chilling at home during cold winter evenings
→ To eliminates odors

Where? Living room, kitchen

Grade: 3/5

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