Pink Sands


Official description:  “It’s an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla”

My opinion: Simply gorgeous!

Pink Sands is such a divine fragrance, perfect for spring and summer, but also to transport you away to an exotic destination during the dark cold winter. I cannot imagin someone not liking this scent, and indeed, it comes out as a very popular Yankee Candle.

It would be very difficult to  explain what this candle smells exactly like. It is fresh but with quite strong fruity and floral notes, such as watermelon, rose and vanilla.  I would say that Pink Sands is like a sweeter version of Lake Sunet. It is incredibly relaxing, sophisticated and harmonious, and reminds me of summer, sun, and holidays. It is also, to my opinion, a bit perfumy and a very feminine scent.

Pink Sands is a beautiful fragrance that will bring a zen atmosphere into your home.

For Whom?
→ Girly girls
→ Perfume lovers
→ the stressed ones
→ If you like Lake Sunset or Champaca blossom (YC)

→ After a stressful day
→ When having guests / a girls’ night at home
→ When having a cocconing time
→ When you are longing for the summer

Where? Living room, bathroom, bedroom, study

Grade: 5/5


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