Wedding Day


Official description: “Always in good taste … a sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits”

My opinion: Romantic and elegant

Wedding Day is an absolutely gorgeous floral fragrance. It smells just like a fresh flower bouquet, delicate, pure, and sophisticated. Let this subtle and lovely aroma fill your house gracefuly. For me, this scent is synonym of elegance and refinement. It is definily a floral, but I cannot imagin someone disliking this candle. It smells so light and clean, it really makes it a safe bet and the perfect present to celebrate love and happiness. It also has a good throw, its subtle aroma fills your home nicely without being overpowering. However, I could not detect any fruity undernotes as in the official description.

I cannot explain why this fragrance feels so familiar to me… it is such a nostalgic and comforting scent. It is also a bit perfumy, and might remind me a bit of my childhood perfume, Anaïs Anaïs, by Cacharel.

Wedding Day is an amazing scent, classic and graceful. Highly recommended!

For whom?
→ The perfect wedding / anniversary gift
→ If you prefer classic and a bit “old fashionned” fragrances
→ For flowers lovers
→ If you like Fresh Cut Roses and Loves me loves me not (YC)

→ On a special romantic day
→ To my opinion, anytime!

Where? Living room, bedroom, bathroom

Grade: 5/5

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