Christmas Garland


Official description: “Bring the season to life with this lush aroma of pine and cranberry”

My opinion: For pine scents lovers only!

Christmas Garland is a supposed to be the perfect scent of fresh Christmas trees. Now I don’t know if it is just me, but all i could smell was fake generic pine scent. This tart has quite a strong throw, and I felt like my whole home smelled like toilet deodorant. Not pleasant…

Then again, to be fair, I don’t know, mybe those kind of scents just aren’t for me. If you like those pine fragrances, such as Sparking Snow, maybe you would enjoy this one very much. On another hand, If i must say something positive about this candle, it would be that it looks really pretty in a jar version, I love the green color and the label is so nice, very Christmassy.

For whom?
→ Pine scents lovers should be delighted!
→ If you like Sparkling Snow

→ Well… what do you think? Xmas!
→ After cleaning the bathroom

Where? Bathroom, WC

Grade: 1/5



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