Official description: “Cozy and rustic . . . the scent of a warm, crackling wood fire”

My opinion: A fantastic surprise!

This fragrance  makes you fells like  having a fireplace. If you love to warm up by the fire and smell the wood burning, then this candle for you. Just light it on, close your eyes, and there you are! Fireside is a smokey and woody scent, and it will delight both men and women. It is relaxing and very agreable. This is a warm, comforting earthly fragrance, that will make your home feel safe, comfy and intimate. It somehow reminds me of Cozy by the fire (YC), but without the spicy, festive twist.

I am finding this fragrance so familiar and strangely addictive, and now I just understood why: It smells just like a traditional wood burning sauna. I was afraid that this candle would smell like smoke or burning, but it just does smell lovely, like firewood without it being too smokey or overpowering. It really creates a cosy atmosphere, and makes it a perfect fall/winter candle!

Plus, I just have to say that I just love the label. It’s beautiful, and reminds me of our nordic midsummer’s bonfires by the lakes.

For whom?
→ If you are looking for an unisex fragrance
→ If you miss having a fireplace
→ Woody scents lovers
→ Those who love the outdoors

→ For a cozy movie night
→ Reveals its charms all year round!

Where? Living room, Kitchen

Grade: 5/5

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