True Rose


Official description: “Alluring, rich and velvety as fragrant as a bouquet of flawless deep red roses”

My opinion: Seductive & Fragrant !

True Rose is a really deep floral fragrance, perfumy, rich, with a strong throw but not sickening. It is so elegant and romantic, jusy like having a bouquet of fresh, velvety red roses. Some of you might find this candle a little bit too perfumy or heavy. If you prefer fresher scents, then I would recommend more Fresh Cut Roses (YC) which is a greener, more refreshing version.

To my opinion, True Rose is a beautiful rose fragrance, simple, classic and efficient.

For whom?
→ Dreamers and romantics
→ Rose lovers
→ If you are looking for a smooth, straight, true-to-life fragrance

→ A romantic dinner / evening with your loved one
→ When having a bubble bath
→ To relax / cheer you up
→ To refresh your bedroom
→ When you wish you had bought a bouquet!

Where? Living room, bathroom, bedroom

Grade: 3/5


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