Bundle Up


Official description: “A clean wintery scent that brings back frosty days and cozy warm clothing. A touch of citrus adds the crispness of cool powdered snow to layers of fresh linen”

My opinion: Winter linen delight

Bundle Up is such an interesting combination. You must know by now that I am not the biggest fan of pine scents, but with its fresh laundry type of note, it blends suprisingly well. You get the softness of fresh linen mixed with the crispiness of pine, resulting in this beautifully soft, cozy and festive winter candle, that will delight your guests, makes your home feel so inviting and will cheer up your mood.

For me, Bundle Up is a very nice winter linen fragrance, which smells like a mix of Christmas Garland (or Sparkling Snow) and Clean Cotton.

For whom?
→ Those looking for a wintery version of Clean Cotton or Fluffy Towels (YC)
→ Looking for a cozy, fresh and not too Christmassy scent? This one is for you
→ Perfect bathroom fragrance

→ To refresh and makes your home feel festive at the same time
→ After having a walk or spending tine outside in the cold
→ For a movie night in

Where? Bathroon, living room

Grade: 3/5

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