Fun in the Sun (Village Candle)


Official description: Summery orange flower is lightly blended with white musk to create a warm, beach memory”

My opinion: Sunny, musky, and so lovely!

Fun in the sun was truly a great surpise. This candle is absolutely gorgeous! To make it simple, this smells just like summer holidays and beach and sun lotion. The orange flower blends perfectly with the white musk, giving this so summery but also creamy and rich  scent. It was perfect for my living room and my bathroom and has a great throw. It also reminds me a bit of Monoi oil (which is made of Tiaré flowers and coconut oil) which I often use in the summer on my skin and hair.

I heared that this candle is a dupe for  Beach Party (Village Candle), so if i manage to get my hands on either both fragrance, I will definitly buy it in a jar!

This candle reminds me of:
Sun & Sand (YC)
Beach Party (Village Candle)
Egyptian Musk (YC)

Grade: 5/5

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