White Tea


Official description: “A delicate and relaxing scent of white tea with lemon gently swirled inside”

My opinion: Less is more!

White Tea is such a beautiful tea scent, incredibly fresh, light and relaxing. It smells so familiar and comforting, it reminds me so much of Yves Rocher‘s green tea scented shower gel and perfume. It is indeed a quite simple fragrance, there is no exceptional blends at all, but as we say, sometimes less is more! This is a pretty straight forward candle, but it really does the job. It is simple, green and fragrant and will make you feel like you are somewhere very calm and peaceful, like a traditional tea room or a spa.

White Tea is an absolutely delightful fragrance that will fit any room or your home and will reveals its charm anytime. Moreover, it looks so elegant and sophisticated, I cannot wait to buy this beauty in a large or medium jar!

For whom?
→ Tea lovers, go for it!
→ If you are looking for a light, yet noticeable fragrance
→ An anytime-anywhere simple and beautiful candle
→ If you like fresh, light and green scents

→ After a hard day at work
→ During sunday breakfast
→ When having guests over
→ When you can’t open the windows
→ Anytime

Where? Any room

Grade: 5/5


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