Kilimanjaro Stars


Official description: “Like nightfall on the ice covered peak, crisp, clear mountain air is laced with cool mint and earthy patchouli”

My opinion: Fresh and Herbal

This candle is what I would categorize as a  cologne type of scent. It has these notes that you usually find in men’s shower gel, deodorant or aftershave. It is a fragrant and herbal, and rather airy, clean, and fresh scent with notes of mint and patchouli. It is the perfect scent to refresh your home.

Kilimanjaro Stars is however, so far my least favorite aftershave type of fragrace. I prefer much more Midsummer’s night or Moonlight which are more woody and musky.

For whom?
→ If you like slightly masculine fragrance
→ Workaholics
→ Looking for a fragrance to refresh your home / eliminate smells
→ Perfect gift material for a man!

→ After cooking
→ Spring / Summer evening
→ After a hard day
→ When you need to relax
→ To read / meditate / study

Where? Kitchen, living room

Grade: 3/5

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