Official description: “Flowering verbena matched with citrus and creamy vanilla – clean and refreshing”

My opinion: Herbal and lemony

Verbena is not really a floral fragrance, and therefore I was slightly disapointed. To my opinion, it would belong better in the Fresh fragrance family. Indeed, I would describe it more like a refreshing, lemony, herbal, citrus fragrance. It’s not disagreable at all, just not what I love best. The tart was very powerful and, to my mind, a little bit too overpowering. It was too agressive to my nose, I wish there would have been less citrus, and more flower. This is only my personal opinion, but if you like herbs and verbena, I think then it is worth a try.

For whom?
→ If you like strong, herbal and lemony-like fragrances
→ If you are looking for an effective kitchen candle

→ To eliminate odors quickly
→ After cooking

Where? Kitchen

Grade: 2/5

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