Olive & Thyme


Official Description: “A fresh, herbal scent from the Mediterranean coast with olive leaf, citrus and musk”

My opinion: Just… nope!

I guess that not every scent is meant to be a candle… And Olive & Thyme is one of them. My reaction to this fragrance has been like a rollercoaster. My reactions as follows:

*When I heared about the Riviera Escape collection*
 – “Hmmm… Olive & Thyme… What a strange idea! But after all, I love olives, I like thyme… I might actually like this! I’ll give it a try for sure.”

*When I smelled it in the shop*
– “Ok… it doesn’t smell much, but it’s not unpleasant at all. Quite a green scent… It will be nice for the kitchen.”

*When I started to melt it*
– “Oh, that is so nice, light and green… Just what I like to burn after cooking!”

*Burning after about 15-20min*
– “Ewwww what’s that smell? Is there something rotten around here? It’s absolutely horrid!”

Epilogue: I turned that candle off right away, opened a window, but it was too late. My whole flat was smelling horrible, and that dreadful scent sticked over 48h. Never again.


For whom? If you are looking for a strong kitchen candle. But avoid the wax tart, it’s way too strong. Buy a votive.

When? I have no idea 😀

Where? Kitchen

Grade: 1/5

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