Official description:A pure vanilla fragrance that is both sweet and subdued, sugared yet creamy”

My opinion: You can’t go wrong with vanilla

To my opinion, a good vanilla scent is always a safe bet. I mean… who on this planet does not like vanilla?

This fragrance is pretty simple and straight forward. It does also reminds me a lot of the famous and beloved Angel’s Wings (YC). It is a classic creamy and soft vanilla scent, powdery and light, yet a bit musky and very sweet. I don’t know why, but I find this smell nostalgic and comforting. It reminds me of Yves Rocher‘s Vanilla eau de toilette that I was wearing as a teenager.

I must say that Yankee Candle does have beautiful vanilla fragrances. We all remember Vanilla Satin which was rather classic and soft, Vanilla Lime, fruity and fresh, and then the more foody ones, such as Vanilla Cupcake and Vanilla Bourbon. I believe that this new fragrance is a beautiful addition to the range.

For whom?
→ Vanilla lovers
→ If you like sweeter scents
→ Gift material!
→ Looking for a good “anywhere/anytime” kind of candle

→ Great everyday fragrance
→ To eliminates smells
→ To relax
→ To burn in the guest room

Where? Any room

Grade: 4/5

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