Village Candle – Handmade in Maine


As they look so similar to the famous Yankee Candles, these candle could be easily mistaken for pale copies of lower quality. But to the contrary, except the design, they don’t have much anything else in common! This is in fact such a good brand, that will delight even the most YC addicts.

Here are the reasons why you should definitly give Village Candle a try:

→ Except a few similar fragrances, Village Candle offer such a big variety of very original and unique scents, that you cannot even find with YC.

Village‘s jars have 2 wicks, which allows the wax to melt faster.

→ Amazing throw!

→ Lower prices than YC for more quantity
Example: For a cheaper price, a Village Candle medium jar weight454 g (411 g for YC) and burns 105h instead of 90h with YC.


Where to buy?


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