Lily of the valley (Village Candle)


Official description: Ah, what would springtime be like without the gentle, sweet scent of this dainty favorite wafting across the yard? Now you can enjoy it at any time, or give a gracious, sentimental gift, with our flawless, pure-white candle tribute—truly lovely!”

My opinion: Lily of the valley perfection!

I think that lily of the valley is one of my favorite flowers. It smells absolutely divine, flowerly, delicate and petal-y, but yet kind of sensual, sweet, bright and clean. For me, it symbolizes the begining of the spring, beautiful days as well as joy and innocence. This is a nostalgic scent to me, as back in France we offer lilly of the valley bouquets to celebrate the 1rst of May.

I must say that Village Candle has perfectly captured the lily of the valley‘s scent, and it was so pleasant to fill my flat with this fragrance. I will definitly purchase it in a jar as soon as I have the opportunity.

For whom?
→ For Lily of the valley fans obviously, but also if you like for example peony, jasmine, honeysuckle or lilac.

Grade: 5/5

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