Sea Salt & Sage


Official description: “Warm and inviting sage mingles with the clean, fresh scent of sea salt…like a relaxing walk along the shore”

My opinion: Like a fragrant sea air!

I absolutely love this fragrance! It is incredibly clean, fresh, kind of aquatic, yet fragrant and green at the same time. It smells so pure and airy, but still fills your home with its bright, aromatic scent. It smells really elegant, slightly masculine, and like an expensive perfume, but very light and not over powering at all. It ressembles a lot Jo Malone‘s beautiful unisex fragrance  Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

To my opinion, Sea salt & Sage is definitly a must-have for the summer. It is so lovely and light, It will brighten up your place and will fit perfectly especially in the living spaces and in the bathroom.

For whom?
→ If you are looking for a light, clean and stylish fragrance
→ Gift material!

→ Perfect for summer
→ To relax
→ After cleaning, to give your place a refreshing “kick”
→ When you don’t know what to burn
→ To cool down the atmosphere

Where? Living room, bathroom, study, guest rooms

Grade: 5/5

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