Pink Grapefruit


Official description: “Perfectly ripe, sunkissed fruit bursting with bright, tingly citrus to stir the senses”

My opinion: Zesty and Summery

This fragrance was a good surprise for me. Indeed, I didn’t expect at all to like it.Pink grapefruit is a true to life, genuine, pure and zesty citrus fragrance, fresh, so summery and slightly sweet. It makes your home feel so bright and refreshed.

Pink Grapefruit is the best candle to burn in the morning during breakfast, to wake up and feel energized.

For whom?
→ Those who can’t accept that summer is over (like me…)
→ Gift material

→ In the morning
→ You just just can’t wake up!
→ During the first autumn days, to cheer you up
→ To eliminates odors

Where? Kitchen, Living room, bathroom

Grade: 4/5

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