Apple Pumpkin (Village Candle)


Official description: Orchard grown apples and farm fresh pumpkins are topped with warm Cinnamon and spicy clove”

My opinion: Pumpkin Spice dupe!

Beware! If you like the famous Starbucks‘s seasonal autumn drink Pumpkin Spice Latte, you will love this candle. It is a very similar scent. A yummy and spicy aroma that will make you litteraly want to eat it. It smells mostly like apple with sweet warm spices (cinnamon and clover) with light pumpkin undertones. It has this foody, bakery scent that will make it especially nice to burn in the kitchen. Moreover, it has an amazing throw.

Apple Pumpkin is quite a typical autumn fragrance, but who doesn’t love these cozy scents that makes those grey rainy days a little bit more cheerful?

For whom?
Pumpkin Spice latte (Starbucks) fans
→ If you like Honey & Spices / Sparkling cinnamon (YC)

Grade: 5/5

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