Top 5 autumn candles (2016)


It’s official, autumn is definitly here. Even if it is a beloved season by many, appreciated for its beauty and romantism, for me, it is also synonym of darkness and desolation. If you didn’t know yet, I live in Finland, and this time of the year is always tough on me. We are sinking more and more into this obscurity, and at its worst (winter solstice in december) we barely see any sunlight at all. The low temperatures, we deal with it, but the lack of light is very hard on people, and can result in severe winter depression. So what do we do? We try to keep busy, take a lot of vitamin D, and…. burn candles!

I am very glad to present you my very first Top 5 article, on my favorite candles to burn this autumn. These fragrance that helps you deal with the weather changing, and make you feel warm and cozy at home, and bring a little bit of sunshine and indian summer into your life. You will notice that I am not trying to show the most popular or stereotypical candles, but my own personal choice. Here we go!


1- Autumn Night : This is my personal crush for this autumn! I am totally in love with this candle. Not only does it looks perfect for this time of the year, but its woody, fragrant and sophisticated aroma will make your home such a warm and peaceful place. Autumn spirit in a jar!

2- Apple Pumpkin : The yummiest autumn candle i’ve tried so far. It smells exactly like Starbuck‘s famous Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is warm, sweet and spicy. A must have!

3- Amber Moon : To my opinion, this is the autumn candle par excellence. It is an earthly, rich, and oriental amber fragrance, mysterious and elegant. This candle will for sure never go out of fashion.

4- Madagascan Orchid : Some of you might wonder how a floral fragrance found its way in this top 5. Well, you might be surprised! This is not an ordinary floral scent. It is a dark, intense, deep, perfumy fragrance. Its gorgeous smell totally bewitched me. It is incredibly elegant, it is one of my favorite YC ever.

5- Honey Glow : I choose this fragrance because it is a safe bet that will please everyone. It is a simple candle, yet rich, comforting and relaxing honey scent. It is simple, kind of a anywhere/anytime candle.

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