Mystical Garden (by Air Wick)


Official Description: “Discover mystical gardens of sun ripened raspberries, blooming roses, and delicately soft marshmallow”

My opinion: Sweet explosion

Mystical Garden is not only beautiful to look at, but it smells absolutely lovely. It is very sweet, and smells a bit artificial, but somehow it is so captivating. I do not really detect any rose, but mostly raspberry and candy (marshmallow). It strangely reminds me of the grenadine syrup I used to drink in my childhood.

I must say that I am always pleased by my Air Wick purchases. They offer such a great value for money. They usually end up in my bedroom or bathroom, and I never get tired of those pretty color changing candles. I highly recommend these candles to anyone with a tighter budget or willing to make an inexpensive present.

This candle reminds me of:
→ Summer scoop (YC)
→ Red raspberry (YC)
→ Raspberry Vanilla (Village Candle)

Grade: 4/5

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