Top 5 Festives candles for Christmas haters (2016)


I have to confess something…. I do not like Christmas. There. I said it.

To me, the Holidays time is synomym of stress. I do not feel the Christmas cheer and sometimes I feel like I wish December did not exist at all, and would straight jump from November to the new year, which means new benining, and days finally starting getting longer again. However, I am not a true Christmas hater. There are still things I like about it: The decorations, the lights, being with the family, and (of course), the food.

There came to me the idea to write this Top 5 article. I have no interest in presenting you typical, cheesy Christmas candles all red with a Santa label or smelling like spices, cinnamon or pine (yuck…). Not at all!

I want to reach to these forgotten people during the holidays, people like me, who don’t care much for Christmas itself, but still would like a cheery festive feeling into their home. Enjoy!


1- Season of Peace: Being a fan of musky scents, this fragrance quickly became an absolute favorite of mine! It is a delicate and pure white musk fragrance which I cannot get enough of. Festive but not too much, it totally reflects my personality. An all year round Yankee classic to rediscover during the Holidays.

2- Angel’s wings: An elegant, warm and comforting candle to relax and find inner peace in these stressful times. A perfect powdery vanilla scent that will cheer you up.

3- All is bright: A pleasant and cheery fragrance that doesn’t smell Christmassy at all. It smells of bright citrus with musky undernotes. It can be burnt all year round but the lovely sparkling label is, however, perfect for the Holidays season.

4- Snowflake Cookie: This is the yummy candle of this top 5. It is an incredibly soft, comforting, and not overly sweet cookie scent, with fruity (vanilla, strawberry) undertones. If you feel nostalgic of baking christmas cookies as a kid, this is the one!

5- Star Anise & Orange: A very unusual scent that might not please everyone, but I felt it really deserved its place here.  Indeed, while not being a fan of anise myself, I still really admire this bold and elegant fragrance. Well done Yankee!



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