Welcome to the fabulous world of YC!

Yankee-Candle-logoThere is no need to introduce  Yankee Candle to candle addicts. It is probably one of the most famous and popular scented candle company in the world. What i call commonly YC, has a large range of candles and accessories and offers a huge variety of fragrances. There is something for everyone and every taste!

The YC are offered in different kind of sizes and shapes. The ones that I believe to be the most common ones are represented on the picture below. To my opinion, they all have their pros and cons.


Burning time:

Large jar → 110 to 150 hours
Medium jar → 65 to 90 hours
Small jar→ 25 to 40 hours
Sampler→ Up to 15 hours
Wax tart→ Up to 8 hours

Which size to choose?

If you are looking to test new fragrances, I would advise you to buy a sampler or a wax tart. If you choose the latter, you will need to buy a wax burner. Even if tarts do not last very long (usually 2 or 3 times 4h basic tea candles, depending on the fragrance), it is the cheapest way to try new scents. The other thing that i love about wax tarts, is that you can mix tarts, and create yourself totally new scents. More information about Fragrance Mixology here. Samplers are also a good way to try new fragrances. They last a little bit longer than tarts, and looks very good in a nice Votive holder.

Once you’ve found your favorite Yankee or if you are convinced to love the smell, then I recommend you to purchase a Jar candle. I personally believe that the Small Jar size is very small for its price. If you are sure to love the smell and not to get bored of it that easily, then I advise you to invest directly into a Medium or a Large Jar.


Unfortunately, finding an YC retailer is not always a piece of cake. For those unlucky ones that don’t have the possibility to purchase them directly from a shop, here is a list of the best websites where you can order (safely!) your favorite candles.

If you live in Europe / EU:

Yankee direct UK
Yanke candle.co.uk

If you live in Finland:

Funny Deli